Bierfest 2009.07.03

Don't think of it in that sense. Don't worry about expressing your ideas here. My point is this. Suppose evonyere gets long right now or at $396. People who are on the sidelines. And the stock does blow through $400. Now what? We're still up nearly $100 in about 5 weeks. Up 7 days straight. The technicals on the 60-min and the daily are in full-retard mode. All the things I listed are going to create massive resistance. Once the stock falls back under $400, people are going to give up on the momentum trade. Within a few trading sessions, I wouldn't be surprised to see 5-6 straight down days. That's very common. In fact, today matches the record for the number of days in the green past earnings. This is like Q2. Well Q2 was even better. STock gapped-up, went up huge and then went up another $10.00 after eanrings before falling apart and retesting the pre-gap. The idea that this time is different isn't a good way to invest. Because you're betting against the trend which is never a good idea. There's a reason that trend exists in the first place.

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